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Toro X TovesLillaHem

TORO X TovesLillaHem

We’re thrilled to announce an exclusive collaboration between two designers. Using Tove's colourful patterns in clay slabs combined with Cristina's bestselling design, TORO.

Each pair of earrings are a different design, and there is only a very limited amount.

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  • "Beautifully made and lovingly wrapped. Attention to detail has clearly gone into the process from start to finish. Love my earrings, very comfortable to wear and are my new favourite accessory! Thanks so much!"


  • "Super fast delivery! I love the earrings, the packaging, the seller’s communication - everything. Would highly recommend!"


  • "These are beautifully crafted and so light I couldn’t believe it! Beautifully boxed and personalised for my daughters present and speedy delivery. Thank you ... I will be ordering again!"

    Jane Winters